Put the power in your hands
+ Optimise factory operations to save energy
+ Count the active events and flag inactivity
+ Detects when current consumption profile changes
+ Single technology deployment
+ multi-protocol unified gateway
+ fully certified, ready for field deployment
+ open standards
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+ Fast and easy deployment
+ Sustainable
+ predetermined ROi
How can IoT lead the way to a more sustainable future?

Connect - Sense - Locate: The only IoT Infrastructure you will ever need

Where is my stuff and what is it doing?


Connect your assets seamlessly


Sensor tags that are secure & certified


Locate anything and everything with our unique positioning technology

WiTTRA™ Solutions - Unlocking IoT

Connect your assets seamlessly with secure, certified sensor tags that can help you track and locate anything and everything - ultimately providing a solid, reliable way for you to find out "where is my stuff, and what it is doing?".

It is the only IoT infrastructure you will ever need.

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