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Wittra Patented Technology

Through ingenuity, persistence and with a passion for solving the impossible, WiTTRA continues to drive innovation, amply demonstrated by a large and growing number of Patents. WiTTRA Patented Technology, with 16 Patent Families and in excess of 68 Patents approved or pending, WiTTRA continues to redefine positioning technology previously considered unimaginable.

The WiTTRA approach was to create a technology for positioning based on sub-GHz, license-free SRD/ISM bands. The primary advantage is achievable signal transmission range, both outdoors, underground and indoors in a single technology deployment. Implementing a reliable and relatively accurate positioning system (±5 meters 85% of the time), WiTTRA’s Patented Technology is used extensively throughout the WiTTRA product range and it can also be licensed for OEM use in third party devices.

A tangible outcome of this continual effort has been a literal game-changer for IoT – the ability to implement quick, low-cost Proof of Concept installations (we call it Proof of Value because it takes the customer directly to the business value).

Compared to a standard PoC cost of $100k upwards and 6+ months to implement, we are providing PoV’s for $10k and doing it within one week! Furthermore, the Total Cost of Ownership for WiTTRA technology in the full site implementation is landing between 70 – 80% less than competing technologies that provide both sensor and positioning data!

This truly turns the current state of play in the IoT market on its head and provides a compelling model for customer success. One of the main reasons for this seismic shift in the economics of IoT deployment is the Low Density WiTTRA “True Mesh” wireless network. This typically requires only 10% of the quantity of network anchor points (beacons) compared to a typical Bluetooth installation, leading to huge cost savings in hardware, installation, maintenance and administration. Similar savings are realised when comparing with WiFi, Zigbee and UWB.

Key to achieving positioning accuracy in this low-density mesh is WiTTRA’s multi-patented Time of Flight technology. Using sub-GHz, narrowband radio channels for positioning goes against the laws of physics, but with a long-term commitment to innovation, WiTTRA has crafted a positioning solution which achieves accuracy suitable for the majority of asset tracking and management use cases within IoT.

Patents include:

  • Enhanced Time of Arrival Positioning System
  • Single Node Location System and Method
  • Enhanced Positioning Methods Suitable for Low Frequencies
  • Method for Determining Distance Between Two Nodes
  • A Secondary Node, A Central Node and Methods Therein for Positioning of a Device in a Wireless Communications Network

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