Wittra C(x)ameleon

Product Number: 1000465/ 1000466

WiTTRA C{x}ameleon extends hardware life, optimizes inventory costs and reduces waste. The WiTTRA C{x}ameleon methodology is revolutionising IoT through its unique ‘Software Defined Hardware’ approach, which drives sustainability and network flexibility for customers and vastly reduces the amount of inventory needed in any IoT deployment enhancing ROI and Time to Market

The WiTTRA C{x}ameleon is a compact, rugged and IP67 sealed and certified device. It Includes several integrated sensors, location functions and a ‘Software Defined Radio’, delivering both sensor and positioning data to the cloud. The WiTTRA C{x}ameleon is produced and shipped as a “blank” WiTTRA device, with no specific “personality” included. The device personality is allocated prior to, or at the time of deployment, and is downloaded from the WiTTRA Gateway via a secure, short range wireless link.

The WiTTRA C{x}ameleon device can take the identity of a WiTTRA Sense 360, Mesh Router or Positioning Beacon through the use of its embedded Software Defined Radio from Texas Instruments.

WiTTRA C{x}ameleon can take the functionality of:

WiTTRA Sense 360
The WiTTRA Sense 360 is a small, wireless multi-function asset tracker with multiple built-in and click-on sensing capabilities. The device allows you to collect both positioning and sensor data.

Mesh Router
The WiTTRA Mesh Router is a small, wireless “anchor point” that forms part of the mesh network on a local site. Mesh Routers work together to extend and scale the network coverage to suit any shape or size of site, indoors, outdoors, underground even in 3 dimensions upwards in a multi-level environment.

Positioning Beacon
Positioning Beacons offer the functionality of both ToF and RSSI. ToF (Time of Flight) positioning involves measuring the distance between a WiTTRA Sense 360 and several Positioning Beacons using accurate timing signals. RSSI (Relative Signal Strength Indicators) measures signal strength to work out positioning. Positioning Beacons cannot transmit sensor data, they are purely positioning devices.