IoT is transforming medical care. Connected infrastructure is driving improvements in process optimization enabling health care professionals to offer enhanced services through better data driven decision making. Technology used for tracking the location of staff and equipment improves overall visibility and the allocation of precious resources. The use of sensor data is further driving productivity by establishing predictive maintenance schedules ensuring critical equipment remains in use. Equipment can move from building to building and across multiple floors WiTTRA offers the only single technology deployment covering both indoor and outdoor tracking in the toughest environment.

Target Applications in Medical Care:

  • Patient Care
  • Health and Safety Compliance
  • Location Based Services
  • Connected Bed
  • Healthcare Automation
  • Equipment Utilization
  • Equipment Monitoring Preventative Maintenance

Top Medical Challenges:

  • Data Security and Privacy
  • Complex Environment
  • Complex Implementation
  • Integration
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Total asset visibility

The WiTTRA Solution to Your Challenges?

WiTTRA offers the only solution to allow users to Connect, Sense and Locate their assets in the toughest environments or areas of weak connectivity, in a single technology deployment. We accelerate and simplify IoT delivering predictable pricing and a predefined ROI.