WiTTRA IoT for Airports

Airports require reliable and cost-effective solutions which can be easily deployed. WiTTRA is a single technology deployment which can expand to grow with an airports' needs. Building an loT solution should be easy and simplifying complexity is a key element of the WiTTRA DNA. With integrated, tested and secure hardware we can allow users to collect, communicate with, and control their assets on day one.

A complete IoT solution

loT is dramatically transforming airport operations. Connected infrastructure is optimizing operations and improving the efficacy in managing passengers, assets and resources. Our solution is a single technology deployment.Our wireless devices run in an IP-based 6LowPAN mesh radio network. Using sub-GHz radio bands WiTTRA provides long range and good penetration of structures. 

Airport requirements 

- Data security and privacy
- System reliability
- Ease of installation
- Low onsite disturbance
- Ease of network management
- No signal interference


Solutions for airports

Our positioning technology can be used for locating staff and equipment and improving the allocation of precious resources. The extensive sensor data improves productivity by establishing predictive maintenance schedules ensuring critical equipment remains operational.

Locate wheelchairs, service equipment, ground-handling equipment - indoors or outdoors.

- Keep escalators and moving walks operational

- Monitor operational health of automatic doors, escalators and moving walks.

- Use of heating and cooling units, loading equipment and power units.

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