Wittra Mesh Router

Product Number: 1000240/ 1000349

The WiTTRA Mesh Router is a small, wireless “anchor point” that forms part of the 6LoWPAN mesh network on a local site. Mesh routers work together to extend and scale the network coverage to suit any shape or size of site, indoors, outdoors, underground or in 3 dimensions upwards in a multi-level building.

The WiTTRA Mesh router relay both sensor data and positioning data from the WiTTRA Sense 360 tags to the Gateway. Depending on where the WiTTRA Sense 360 tag is located, this data might reach the Gateway with a single “hop” through the mesh network, or several hops. This “multi-hop” capability is what makes the mesh network so powerful, because it scales seamlessly to fit the site. It also increases the reliability of data delivery to the Gateway - if a single mesh router goes offline (for example a power failure), other mesh routers automatically take over the routing of data.

As with all WiTTRA network devices, the WiTTRA mesh router contain a hardware TPM chip for the most secure type of device authentication. Fake devices introduced into the network will not function at all. Data is securely encrypted before every transmission, ensuring the data received at the gateway is exactly the data that was transmitted from the WiTTRA Sense 360 tag.

For ‘Proof of Value’ installations, the mesh router can be battery powered for several months, making deployment very fast, with minimal site disruption.

WiTTRA’s Low Density Mesh technology means that mesh routers can be placed much further apart than other wireless network technologies such as Bluetooth, WiFi and Zigbee and Ultra-Wideband, leading to much lower ‘Proof of Value’ and full rollout costs for the customer (up to 90% lower cost, depending on the site).