A split core current clamp connected to the WiTTRA Current Meter measures up to 400 Amps AC current on the primary centre conductor. The clamp can be fitted around existing electrical wiring, rapidly reducing the installation time. By harvesting energy from the current clamp, the Current Meter can run without any external power source. The Current Meter connects to a WiTTRA Sense 360 which posts measurement data to the cloud.


  • Small, rugged mechanics sealed to IP4X (IP67 with optional Protection Box)
  • Certified for EU/NA/UK, ready for field deployment
  • Easy to set up, easy to use
  • Simple installation, click the clamp over existing electrical wiring
  • No permanent power source required when harvesting from current clamp 
  • Rechargeable battery for low duty cycle applications provides up to 1 months of life (usage dependent)


  • Tag automatically recognizes the device on initial connection
  • Current meter parameters can be set on the portal


“What are my assets doing?”

  • Monitor RMS current – optimize factory operations to save energy
  • Monitor machinery usage – count the active events and flag inactivity
  • Predictive maintenance - detects when current consumption profile changes

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