Formally launched in 2020, mioty is a new LPWAN (low-power wide area network) protocol. It was designed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits to overcome the limitations associated with the more traditional LPWAN solutions available on the market.

Built for low data rate industrial applications and mass IoT deployments, mioty offers one of the most scalable, robust and energy efficient solutions for Industrial IoT applications. It operates within the licence-free spectrum 868MHz for Europe and 915MHz for North America.

Key Technical Parameters

Standard: based on ETSI 103 357

Data-rate: 512 bits/s

Frequency: sub-1GHz


Designed for massive IoT, MIOTY is a low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) solution, based on ETSI 103 357. MIOTY achieves long range with Sub-1 GHz communication through a robust network that empowers industries and communities with the most accessible and efficient wireless connectivity solution on the market.

Mioty minimises signal interference through Fraunhofer’s patented Telegram Splitting technology (TSMA), which splits data into smaller packets and applies error correcting codes, with the ability to recover data losses up to 50%. Data packets are transmitted at staggered intervals over a wide range of frequency bands; this ensures the lowest packet error rate when compared to other LPWAN solutions, especially in harsh radio conditions. The shorter air-time of the packets minimises data collisions ensuring messages reach their end point.

The transmit time for more traditional LPWAN solutions is longer and as such they are more prone to interference within the shared spectrum. As for security, all data is encrypted and integrity-protected with AES-128, with keys provisioned on a per-device basis.

Mioty achieves unprecedented scalability, with 100,000’s of devices in a network and the ability to transmit 1.5 million data packets per day. Additionally, and unlike many LPWAN solutions, mioty devices will still operate with the advertised data performance whilst mobile up to speeds of 120 km/h. When comparing range, mioty matches other LPWAN solutions offering multiple km’s and up to 20 km line-of-sight range. Coupling this with low power consumption and high inference immunity, mioty achieves the reliability and QoS demanded by many IoT applications such as Industry 4.0, Smart City, asset tracking and more.

The unique patented approach allows for deep penetration in underground or hard-to-reach applications where interference would be an enormous problem for other LPWAN solutions.

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