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Wittra values

At WiTTRA we strive every day to fulfill our WiTTRA Values.

The costs of sustainable development are estimated at around 5-7 trillion US$ per year, however the sum of global financial assets adds up to 200 trillion US$. At WiTTRA we are focused on helping improve this ratio through the reallocation of sustainable equity – Through the use of WiTTRA’s Network and hardware solutions we help our clients reach their sustainability objectives and reduce their carbon footprint through the use of the analytics provided.

We are devoted to excellence in everything that we do. We respect human rights and condemn child labour. We are committed to equality and fairness, to creating an environment where individual well-being is assured, continually holding ourselves accountable.

Diversity and Inclusion
We recognise success comes by being open to different strengths, ideas and through the empowerment of individuals. We remain committed to ensuring a diverse and inclusive culture throughout the organisation. We place great importance on establishing a workplace where employees can demonstrate their potential to the fullest, and an environment which is truly inclusive.

Respect and Integrity
We promote an honest, open and fair working environment. We encourage respect for individuals from both inside and outside the organisation.

These are our WiTTRA values.