Agriculture continues to look towards technology to deliver actionable intelligence in its ambition of sustainability, enhanced productivity and to help minimise enivormental impacts. The concept of smart farming evoloved over a decade ago with earlier adopters focused on collecting environmental data with a view to improving both quality and quantity of their products while minimizing the risk and waste. The current desire is to include physical object tracking and usage data to the enviromental data to ensure a 360° view of operations. Although the desire is high adoption has remained slow as the market continues to struggle to overcome implementation challenges, WiTTRA offers the perfect solution.

Target Applications in Agriculture:

  • Soil management
  • Crop monitoring
  • Local/zonal temperature and humidity
  • Equipment monitoring and machinery preventative maintenance
  • Livestock monitoring and management
  • Process automation

Top IoT Challenges in Agriculture:

  • Poor cellular connectivity in rural areas
  • Cost of solution implementation
  • Infrastructure cost and complexity
  • Ease of deployment
  • Complex environment (indoor/outdoor)
  • Total asset visibility
  • Asset security
  • The WiTTRA Solution to Your Challenges

    WiTTRA offers the only solution to allow users to ConnectSense and Locate their assets in the toughest environments or areas of weak connectivity, in a single technology deployment. We accelerate and simplify IoT, delivering predictable pricing and a predefined ROI.