More than $500million per year is estimated to be lost through human error. From crew safety to onboard asset tracking and predictive maintanence use cases for IoT within the marine enviroment continue to develop. Improved connectivity between ship to shore and the use of narrowband technologies has driven an insatiable appetite for applications and data that drive efficiences and operational effectiveness through process automation. Answering the question ‘Where is my stuff and what is it doing?’ remains a prerequisite in driving productivity, profitability and cost efficiencies. WiTTRA offers the perfect solution. 

Target Applications in Marine:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • Equipment monitoring and machinery preventative maintenance
  • Cargo monitoring (supply chain management)
  • Automation

Top Marine Challenges:

  • Complex Environment
  • Infrastructure
  • Ease of Deployment
  • Complex Environment (indoor/outdoor)
  • Total Asset Visibility

The WiTTRA Solution to Your Challenges?

WiTTRA offers the only solution to allow users to Connect, Sense and Locate their assets in the toughest environments or areas of weak connectivity, in a single technology deployment. We accelerate and simplify IoT delivering predictable pricing and a predefined ROI.