The WiTTRA Wireless Network offers a range of technologies to cover most conceivable use cases within IoT.

WiTTRA Unified Gateway
WiTTRA’s Unified Gateway is at the heart of any network deployment - combining WiTTRA’s 6LoWPAN mesh network with either LoRa or Mioty LPWAN (low power wide area network) radios to provide a high volume of on-site sensor and 3D location data, along with long-range connectivity options for wide area network coverage needed for mass IoT deployments. These radio technologies share the same sub-GHz, licence-free global radio bands. Each technology implements various spectrum spreading processes to ensure reliable data delivery even in the presence of radio interference.

6LoWPAN mesh offers advantages over LPWAN solutions in terms of data volume and its ability to accurately locate moving sensors across a site deployment; LPWAN has superior transmission range for wide area coverage. By combining these two complementary technologies, WiTTRA’s Unified Gateway addresses the vast majority of IoT use cases through a single technology deployment.

The advantages of sub-GHz radio signals are clear, with superior transmission characteristics, both outdoors in line-of-sight conditions and indoors, where good penetration through building structures is critical for network coverage. Additionally, the Sub-GHz spectrum is less crowded than the other more common IoT frequency band (2.4GHz) where millions of devices compete for spectrum and reliable data delivery is more difficult to achieve.

If we compare WiTTRA’s 6LoWPAN mesh to other on-site wireless location/sensor data technologies like Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee and UWB, we quickly see the clear cost advantage of deploying the WiTTRA solution. A typical site installation with sub-GHz mesh requires 10X less infrastructure than the higher frequency technologies - typically delivering a cost saving of 80% - a game changer for IoT.

WiTTRA uses these sub-GHz network technologies to reliably and securely deliver IoT data from sensor to cloud or to on-site computing platforms (or both) depending on customer preference. All three network types are scalable from small sites through to large, multi-site installations, driving mass IoT adoption.

WiTTRA Wireless Network only works with network solutions based on open standards, helping make systems and applications more functional and interoperable, and reducing vendor lock-in for customers which ensures the long-term viability of the technology investment.