Connect, sense and locate

WiTTRA connect, sense and locate your assets using certified sensor and WiTTRA’s unique positioning technology for the IoMT.

WiTTRA connects your assets seamlessly, wireless devices run in an IP- based 6LowPAN mesh radio network. Using sub-GHz radio bands provides long range and good penetration of structures. Frequency hopping mesh radio provides robust data delivery, even in harsh environments. Our technology focuses on open standards and is highly secure through the use of dedicated authentication TPM chips from gateway to tag through to cloud.

WiTTRA’s secure, certified sensor tag contains several integrated sensors, positioning functions and modern communication technologies. Delivering sensor data and information for monitoring and measuring the activity and status and the position of your key assets. The sensor tag automatically connects and registers to the WiTTRA low-power IP-based wireless mesh network and is future-proof by design to easily extend with click-on sensors.

WiTTRA’s unique positioning technology for the IoMT (Internet of moving things) achieves both accuracy and long range by using patented signal processing techniques in narrow band radios. This enables accurate, long range asset tracking over large areas and through complex structures using either RSSI or Time of Flight. Positioning of assets to 1m can be achieved based on network deployment using RSSI.

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