Wittra has signed an agreement with The Stockholm Fair

November 19, 2021
Stockholm Fair

Wittra Sweden AB is pleased to announce the signing of a commercial agreement with The Stockholm Fair, Wittra will provide IoT solutions to locate vehicles positioned both indoors and outdoors using a single technology deployment answering the question ‘where is my stuff and what is it doing?’

The agreement between Wittra and the Stockholm Fair is divided into several stages, the first stage will build an infrastructure designed to track and report the positioning of circa 170 vehicles. The Wittra approach ensured a full end-to-end solution which included a fully functioning customer application dashboard supplied by Wittra’s partner Thellio.

Through the deployment significant gains in productivity are anticipated and the Wittra solution has a significant lower total cost of ownership when compared to alternative technologies with deployment possible in a fraction of the time.

“During Event production will now be able to quickly and easily locate the vehicles needed. The technology assists us in the management of hired staff, additionally our employees save time as there is no need to physically look for vehicles before the event production starts. We avoid unnecessary stress and worry when vehicles are missing or not found. The system also facilitates handover between work shifts and transition between production days. Our calculations indicate that the business can be streamlined saving over 175 working man hours per year “, says Rikard Skärebo, Production Manager at the Stockholm Fair

“This is a clear, risk-free and educational project with very little effort on our part. A more digitized business has positive effects on commercial outcomes and helps drive enhanced efficiencies from our
employees. I hope the project strengthens The Stockholm Fair’s brand as a driving and creative player in the trade fair industry,” says Anette Ternström Andersson, chief operating officer of the Stockholm Fair

“We are very happy about the collaboration with the Stockholm Fair, where we can clearly help to increase customer productivity,” says Thomas Bennet, CEO of Wittra.

About the Stockholmsmässan
The Stockholm Fair is the Nordic region’s largest facility for trade fairs, conferences and events. For over 75 years they have arranged fairs and events that inspired, contributed knowledge and created business. Inspirational events are arranged annually in different categories for all tastes.

About Wittra
Wittra Sweden AB develops innovative technology and solutions within IoT – Internet of Things. Since the start in 2012, Wittra has have been able to secure a significant portfolio of intellectual property rights and rights linked to their innovations. The unique pre-integrated, pre-tested and pre-secure solutions enable users to collect, communicate and control their assets even in the toughest environments. www.wittra.io

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