Wittra Gears Up

May 20, 2020
The path to future proof IoT

When many companies cut down on their business because of the prevailing situation, Wittra does the exact opposite and gears up. In recent months, the number of employees has gone from 18 to 32 people. In addition, launch plans have been pulled forward to meet market demand for Wittra’s products.

Most industries and companies are affected in many ways by COVID-19, often with layoffs as a consequence. At the same time, the realization is growing that IoT can be the solution for digitization and automation, which is an issue that has gained even more weight during the Covid-19 pandemic. Wittra recently completed its commercial product launch with particularly good response from customers and has therefore put together a more offensive action plan to meet this increased demand. Launches have now been pulled forward. In just two months, the workforce has gone from 18 to 32 people, in order to strengthen Wittra's capacity in both technology development and the commercial team.

Sales of Wittra’s IOT OUT OF THE BOX development kit also started during the second quarter. The product has been sold to companies in a number of industries, such as the construction, healthcare and electricity industries. The IOT OUT OF THE BOX Kit enables fast IoT deployment in a variety of industries where conventional IoT solutions struggle. It is a plug-and-play solution that is easy to use and allows the user to connect, measure and locate equipment, even in challenging environments.

“It's an incredibly exciting time we have ahead of us. Despite the current world situation, we have the opportunity to switch gears to meet market needs and demands more quickly. So, we have now announced our launch plan. In addition, we almost doubled the workforce in a couple months which is a challenge but at the same time very positive news,” says Thomas Bennet, CEO of Wittra.