Why Do We Keep Winning Awards?

November 27, 2017

It’s happened again!

Another nomination and another award to add to our already impressive list of accolades. And while we’re busy winning awards, we’re also busy shipping out our first products for customer testing, after five long years of research and development. So if we’re only at the shipping stage right now, how is it that we seem to be the current favourite on the awards podium?

It’s a good question, and to answer it, you need to know a little about the background of Wittra as a whole. A background that’s seen us grow from the seed of an idea into a powerhouse of a technology company protected by 51 granted and pending patents across 12 patent families. And all in just five years. It’s a relatively short time to have been working within the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT), but it’s a time that’s proved valuable and rewarding nonetheless – a fact that’s validated by the acknowledgement we’ve received to date:

1. The Swedish “33 list” 2016

2. The Swedish “33 list” 2017

3. The Geo IoT Award 2017

4. The Red Herring Top 100 Europe 2017

5. The Red Herring Top 100 North America 2017

6. The Red Herring Top 100 Global 2017


What’s clear from this type of recognition is that the industry is recognising the unique potential of our technology. But with our products only recently shipping, will our new customers embrace our solutions with the same enthusiasm? Particularly since our offering is something completely new in location technology.

Well, the answer appears to be yes – customer feedback has been along the lines of “we haven’t seen anything like this in 25 years”.

Based on early customer responses, we can already make some observations:

1. The Third Arena is indeed real!

2. There is a pent-up market in the Third Arena not being serviced by existing technologies

3. The highest customer value in IoT is really in the IoMT

5. The need for agility and scalability in your technology and business


Mobile is the rule, rather than the exception – which means that assets are often on the move. This defines the IoMT, a natural progression in the evolution of technology, and an arena that for years has not been effectively addressed by existing technologies. It’s here that Wittra was able to identify a gap, developing solutions not just for items connected to the internet, but MOVING items as well. In this way, Wittra technology has been able to capitalize on an area of massive growth, solving problems with an end-to-end solution and developing an OEM product with a fast time to market.


The beauty of Wittra’s solution is that it encompasses more than a single technology. A mix of technologies come together to form a complete, integrated solution. By combining context awareness with accurate, long-range wireless positioning, we have created a ubiquitous low-power solution for both indoor and outdoor arenas in a single device.

Wittra is both revolutionizing the world of IoMT and providing a wealth of growth opportunities for customers at the same time.

Reaping the rewards of scalability

As a B2B company, we’re well aware of the need for scalability, both in terms of our product and our business. That’s why no matter what we do, we’re always careful to keep scalability in mind, whether in terms of investing more time in perfecting our technology, more money in supporting our business, or holding back delivery until we’re positive the outcome will meet the strictest standards.

An enviable patent portfolio

Aside from physically creating our technology, we have followed an IP based strategy right from the start, applying for not just one, but multiple patents. By constantly identifying areas of our technology that are unique and inventive, we have ensured that today Wittra owns 51 granted and pending patents across 12 patent families. This not only provides the certainty of “freedom to operate” for our customers, but thanks to our significant IP portfolio, we’ll be able to support both current and future business models through licensing our technology and know-how – enabling you to take your product to market in record time.

So are awards a good thing?

Absolutely. When it comes to recognition, awards are a hugely valuable tool in attracting market interest and opening the door to new customers, partners and investors. Without a doubt, the acknowledgement we’ve received from award juries has been instrumental in orchestrating our current partnerships, and will no doubt play a crucial role in facilitating future collaboration. So we’ll never say no to accolades, or underestimate their importance as part of our strategy for success.