Take-Aways From MWC 2018

May 24, 2018


An update with some thoughts from the MWC 2018 earlier this spring. 

The Mobile World Congress 2018 attracted over 108 000 visitors and more than 50% are in Senior level positions. About 2400 companies/exhibitors take part in this gigantic event. Wittra was one of them. The exhibition further established our view of what is happening in IoT. Three things are evident:

  • IoT is no longer just a buzzword or a hype - it's starting to happen
  • Keeping track of things in complex environments is hard - but valuable
  • Wittra is right there in the technology frontier

During the exhibition Wittra met and talked to roles such as operators, system integrators, HW developers and IoT analysts. The exhibition gave new opportunities for leads, partners and channels for our marketing. Talking to a lot of people within (or with interest in) IoT also validated Wittra’s market insights. Keeping track of assets in complex environments such as construction sites and mines is hard - but valuable.

Wittra attended as a part of the Swedish pavilion (arranged by Business Sweden) and it’s a very cost-efficient way to be visible at the event since in addition to the pavilion in hall 7, Business Sweden and Swedish Mobil Association actively attract a wide collection of visitors to the Swedish pavilion. With meeting rooms and activities Business Sweden supports more than 20 companies that together presented a wide variety of technologies and products related to wireless connectivity and emerging technologies.

The Swedish pavilion located in Hall 7 was divided in two parts with a narrow corridor in between. The Wittra stand was about 10 m from the main flow of visitors however the most of the Wittra visitors who visited the Wittra stand was interested in IOT and tracking.

The Wittra stand in the Swedish Pavilion was a good base to meet with visitors and Business Sweden arranged visits to the area to support the participating companies. It’s is an efficient way to take part of the MWC and in addition there is several social gatherings where the participants have a possibility to meet companies and contacts directly related the exhibition.