Swedavia’s successful test with WiTTRA Networks AB

July 15, 2022

Swedavia’s strategic initiatives and innovation team engage WiTTRA Networks by trying out WiTTRA’s IoT Infrastructure at Stockholm’s Arlanda airport.

May 19th 2022:

WiTTRA Networks AB, the IoT infrastructure provider, today announced the completion of a successful test at Arlanda International Airport as part of Swedavia’s strategic initiatives and innovation program. The test focused on resource and asset optimisation covering different aspects of the airport’s day-to-day operation to enhance passenger service levels.

Conducted in Terminal 5 for 3 months the WiTTRA solution was used to track the location of wheelchairs, their occupancy and availability generating insights and data which saves time locating available wheelchairs and ensuring passengers can be quickly supported during boarding or disembarkation. In addition, WiTTRA’s solution was also tested to monitor and report on the operational health of automatic doors, revolving doors and escalators to ensure passenger flow is maintained and optimised throughout the airport. 

Swedavia’s requirements for system reliability, ease of installation, low onsite disturbance and ease of network management were all realised during the test. Visualisation and analyse of the data were made through the eSeeTrak platform from Thellio (part of the HiQ group). 

The WiTTRA test demonstrated the ability for multiple different use cases to be accommodated within one Technology deployment. 

WiTTRA’s CEO Håkan Dackefjord adds “Being able to help out Swedavia on such an important test has been a pleasure, the opportunity to demonstrate the simplicity of the WiTTRA approach in unlocking the power of IoT is our raison d’être and we would love a continued engagement.” 

About WiTTRA:

WiTTRA Networks AB develops innovative technologies and solutions within IoT – the Internet of Things. Since its start in 2012, WiTTRA has been able to secure a substantial portfolio of intellectual property and rights linked to its innovations. WiTTRA’s unique integrated, tested and secure solutions allow users to collect, communicate and control their assets even in the toughest of environments. www.wittra.io

About HiQ:

HiQ simplifies people’s lives by using tech, design, and creativity to build smart solutions, businesses, and brands. HiQ is convinced that tech development is the best way to make the world better, sustainable, smoother, safer – and more fun. From four guys in 1995 HiQ is today a tech consultant company in five countries with over 1,800 brilliant coders, creatives, and businesspeople. Since 2020 owned by Triton, HiQ’s base is in the Nordics, but their solutions make imprint all over the planet.

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