First IoT Out Of Th Box Delivered To Customer

May 19, 2020

Together with TT Electronics, Wittra has launched an IOT OUT OF THE BOX Kit for rapid IoT implementation in the construction industry and areas with poor coverage.

Wittra has developed a plug-and-play solution that is easy to use and allows the user to connect, measure and locate equipment in harsh environments.

IOT OUT OF THE BOX includes a Gateway with internet or cable connection, Wi-Fi, IP67 sensor tags, mesh router and rechargeable long-life rechargeable battery. It comes with a Cloud-based API, which enables equipment - such as industrial equipment, tools, vehicles and medical devices - to be tracked to provide data on location, movement, usage, temperature and more.

The first sold IOT OUT OF THE BOX was delivered to customer. There is a great interest in the product and so far, it has been sold to companies within the construction, healthcare and electricity industries.

“What we are seeing now is a clear acknowledgment that our product meets the needs of our customers, which number of industries. We offer a unique and complete kit with everything an end user would need in order to get an IoT system up and running within minutes. Now we are accelerating further to meet the market demand”, says Thomas Bennet, CEO at Wittra