The WiTTRA Current Meter
Sustainability through
energy management

The WiTTRA Current Meter

We are excited to introduce you to our market-ready solution, the WiTTRA Current Meter. Managing cost is always a challenge. With today’s world focusing on the growth of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), sustainability values and rising energy costs, our solution can help you work towards your sustainability and cost-saving goals. 

Why use our current meter?

The WiTTRA Current Meter offers many benefits, including the ability to determine whether energy usage is high, lower the cost of electricity bills, minimize the cost of infrastructure, and examine ways to become more sustainable and competitive.

Explore other benefits including:

carbon footprint

environmental performance



Ideal for industrial monitoring and facility monitoring

Our current meter can keep you on top of your energy usage

Our IoT solution comes out of the box, and can be quickly fitted around existing wiring, requiring less than half a day for installation. Our power clamp doesn’t require an external power source, as it uses harvesting technology. Plus, with one WiTTRA Gateway, you won’t have to worry about interference with your existing network or the hassle of installing a wired network.

Embrace sustainability with the WiTTRA Current Meter - empowering businesses to track energy usage, reduce costs, and build a greener future.

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