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A lot of businesses are having trouble locating their goods, equipment or products. Keep track of your assets and their locations with eSeeTrak end to end solution.

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Together with our partner WiTTRA we can offer a complete solution including robust sensors for harsh environments (IP67) and a mesh network with good penetration of dense structures. These WiTTRA sensors report location, temperature, among other metrics of interest and combined with our state of the art web application with customizable widgets and industry leading security, this is an cutting edge ecosystem that will take your business to the next level.

eSeeTrak is designed to be easy to use every day and doesn’t require any coding skills. No need to install or maintain any software.

Monitor and manage your connected things in eSeeTraks beautiful graphic user interface where you can label, search, filter and find key points of interest for your business. Start small and scale fast, eSeeTrak will scale with you on your IoT journey.

eSeeTrak is a cloud-based service for connected things where you pay as you go. Our price model is designed to scale with your business. Your costs are based on active users and connected things. Read more about our pricing below.

We at Thellio constantly work on improving our application and keep adding functionality and features over time.

Are you ready for IoT as a service?

Features included in eSeeTrak are

  • Asset Tracking
  • Inventory
  • Labels
  • Self Onboarding
  • User Management

WiTTRA and Software AG reduce complexity in any IoT deployment. 

Improved time to market is achieved by removing the fragmentation within the IoT ecosystem, we collectively redefine the IoT landscape taking clients directly to ‘Proof of Value’.

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The WiTTRA network is easy to scale, install, connect, and derive meaningful data from. The WiTTRA network leverages standard technologies, is based on open standards and can operate both over wireless and wired connections. 

The deployment of WiTTRA’s unique pre-integrated, pre-tested and pre-secure Network Kit coupled with the leading IoT and analytics platform from Software AG ensures the successful implementation of your IoT project.

Software AG benefits:

  • Expertise in delivering IoT solutions with industrial focus.
  • Rapid integration and understanding / analysis of industrial assets and any other device or sensor.
  • Consulting know-how to deliver industrial IoT projects.

WiTTRA benefits:

  • Help reduce development and operational costs.
  • No complex “proof of concept” engagements.
  • WiTTRA takes customers directly to “proof of value”
  • Pre-integrated, pre-tested and pre-secure Network Kits allow users to collect, communicate with and control their assets on Day 1.