WiTTRA | Partners


Together with our partners, WiTTRA offers an End-To-End solution for keeping track of  mobile and fixed assets in any environment. Offering a scalable, secure and certified sensor and positioning network, we enable you to get started quickly with ready-to-use low-power WiTTRA Sense 360, mesh-routers and gateways. We deliver hardware, network and a cloud service that delivers high value data through an API for monitoring and managing asset usage, status and location. This enables the opportunity for our partners to provide value-added services for our end users through the provision of data storage, data analytics, dashboards, applications, and service creation.

Straight to Proof of Value
● Easy to install, integrate, support, and maintain
● Get up and running and in operation within minutes

Reduce costs
● Pre-certified, field-ready hardware eliminates costly hardware industrialisation cycle
● Low density network is much faster to deploy, less hardware to install than other local site technologies & reduces on site support and administration costs
● Cloud based deployment tools ease installation complexity on site
Firmware upgradeable over the air, allowing customers to leverage the latest firmware stack and device functions – futureproofing any deployment

Speed up the time-to-market and time-to-customers
● Build comprehensive, cost-efficient and competitive solutions
● Based on open standards and protocols for quick and easy interoperability and integration