August 27, 2020
Wittra Tool lock.

Keeping track of all tools that are being used at a construction site or in a warehouse is no simple feat. However, it is worth investing in, mainly for two reasons. The first reason is pretty obvious, and it is that tools cost money. In the long term, costs of replacing misplaced, lost, or stolen tools can be staggering. The other reason is the time spent looking for said tools. If your workers just spend just 10-20 minutes per day looking for their tools, it means that they have lost an entire day of work every month.

So, what is the solution to this?

This is Wittra Tool Lock

Wittra Tool Lock uses sensor data and Geofencing to locate your tools. This means that your workers can get an instant notification if they mistakenly bring their power drill with them in their car home. It can also notify your workers if some of their tools are missing before they go to a different work site. The Tool Lock technology can be implemented into all kinds of machinery. It's based on radio technology, which means it can be used anywhere. This is important since construction sites and warehouses often cover a big area. And there are often concrete structures that in other cases could interfere with the signal.

Benefits of Tool Lock

  • Find tools

Your workers no longer have to spend valuable time locating their tools, increasing productivity and reducing costs related to missing tools.

  • Lock and unlock tools

Lock and unlock tools and machinery wherever you are. This leads to increased security and reduced downtime.

  • Gain valuable insights

Since your tools and machinery are hooked up to smart sensors, you gain valuable insights into how they are being used.

Example use Case

Increased productivity at a construction site

In order to better visualize the benefits of Tool Lock, let’s talk about a practical situation where Tool Lock can be used – a construction site. Worker A has just arrived at work. Before he can start working, he needs to find his power drill. In a world without Tool Lock, it is easy to imagine a scenario where he has forgotten where he last put it. Or that someone else had to borrow it unbeknown to him. Since his company uses Tool Lock, he can easily locate his power drill. He can see it on his personal device and can start working immediately. It might not seem like much time that this worker would have to spend looking for his power drill. But the time wasted adds up.

Have you experienced tool theft? With Tool lock you can receive an instant alert whenever your tools leave the site boundary, like a construction site. With Wittra Tool Lock, you can also lock and unlock tools wherever they may be. As well as deciding when they can be used, and by whom. This makes it easier and safer to manage your team on site.

Learn more about Tool Lock today

In this post, we have talked about some of the benefits of using Wittra Tool Lock.  If you are interested in learning more, you can also read about the solution to lost tools here. You are always welcome to contact us directly. We are more than happy to talk about how your company can increase its productivity and keep better track of your tools.