November 6, 2019


Wittra has seen this question arise again and again in industrial markets ...

Any business that owns assets, especially mobile or portable assets, needs systems to monitor and control those assets. Across the building & construction industry, warehousing, transport, logistics, manufacturing operations, mining and resources, and other markets, management demands more accountability, higher operational efficiency, less waste of resources, lower investment in stock and better return on investment in assets.

With its wireless sensor network solutions Sense IT and Find IT, Wittra is in a strong position to help fulfil these requirements for monitoring assets in both indoor and outdoor environments. We can help end users answer the above question through the following unique combination of USP’s:

  • Long signal transmission range and building penetration capability to “monitor everything”
  • Low power consumption for a long battery life in the asset tag
  • Accurate asset positioning in diverse environments, both indoors and outdoors
  • A flexible hardware platform with a wide range of asset sensors and power options to address a wide variety of use cases