March 29, 2018
  • Wittra® and Mobill combine smart parking solutions that make business sense
  • Wittra’s solution reduces the environmental impact in cities
  • Wittra reduces costs and makes the construction and building industry more efficient

Looking at a city as a connected system with sensors online 24/7 is a concept most people associate with the future. However, that future is already a reality, thanks to Swedish company Wittra, their client Mobill, and the smart city solutions they are developing together.

A global supplier of ‘location intelligence’ for connected things, Wittra has developed a tracking solution that works just as efficiently outdoors as it does indoors, finally making it possible for all types of sensory data to be gathered from a moving object, while keeping track of its positioning at the same time.

In finding unique solutions for secure mobile payments and smart parking, Mobill, a client of Wittra’s will be introducing new functions built on Wittra technology throughout the course of 2018. This collaboration is one that extends back to 2016 and 2017 when Mobill began its search for a partner in the hardware and technology space. With its innovative solutions for the Internet of Moving Things (IoMT), Wittra was eventually selected, and the first solution to be launched will be one that connects smart parking with sound business practices for all companies.

Thanks to ground-breaking technology from Wittra, a flexible hardware platform and continuous investment in research and development, Mobill’s idea is finally being made possible,” says Håkan Dackefjord, founder of Wittra. “We have given Mobill a superior solution in terms of performance and price, and we are very happy to be able to strengthen their ‘smart little village’ concept.

For two years we have been looking for a partner to supply us with the right hardware and technology,” affirms Joakim Held, CEO of Mobill. “Wittra, with its unique solutions for IoMT was clearly the best choice. Now we can ensure that our concept has the stable technology it needs.

The smart parking concept is soon to be rolled out to companies within the building, construction and installation industries. One such client is Akeab, a leading Swedish company working with construction and power cables. Akeab sees the IoMT solution as a possible strategy for growth, helping it to work more efficiently with lower production costs and less impact on the environment.


Over the course of 2018, Mobill will roll out functionality that will enable people to know when parking spots are available before they actually are, helping to reduce the time taken to find parking. With approximately 30% of all traffic in bigger cities generated by people looking for parking spots, this smart solution will help to significantly reduce the toll on the environment – all thanks to Wittra’s technology, and Mobill’s concept of smart parking.


Research shows that a professional craftsman spends an average of 10 hours per month looking for tools. Every day expensive equipment such as electrical tools and ladders is lost on construction sites. It is estimated that losses such as these can cost the construction industry hundreds of millions of Swedish krona per year. With this in mind, Wittra and Mobill have developed a system enabling entrepreneurs, construction companies, and installation companies to locate their tools at all times.

With functionality that allows the system to be integrated with back office systems, companies will be able to know whether or not their tools are still on site or not once work is finished, effectively reducing losses. Companies will also be able to ensure that they have the correct equipment when leaving the warehouse or the office, again reducing costs for the company as well as the end customer, and minimizing the impact on the environment as well. If a company knows where their equipment is on site, they will spend less time looking for it, thus improving their efficiency. In the same way, they will also be able to keep track of what equipment is being kept in their warehouses, and where.

This concept is built on and protected by Wittra’s more than 51 granted and pending patents.