April 25, 2017
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Without a doubt, with its cutting-edge technology and knowledge born from years of experience in the industry, Wittra® is ideally suited to the building of an effective indoor and outdoor positioning solution for the third IoT (Internet of Things) arena. Part of the growing market for solutions that address both indoor and outdoor applications simultaneously, the third arena refers to IoMT (the Internet of Moving Things). In a world where more and more connected devices are becoming mobile, a combined positioning system that can manage both arenas at once, as well as the transition from one to another, is a hugely valuable one.

Another key point is that there is currently a lot of focus on static objects within the IoT community. Therefore, the question begs itself - is this due to a lack of thinking on the subject of moving things, or because no viable solution for IoMT exists? Previously, the answer would have rested firmly on the latter - the absence of a workable solution. Until now, that is.

Ever since its inception, Wittra® has been a company founded on innovation and insights. In fact, as evidence of this, its core technology, along with several applications, is currently protected by 12 patent families with 51 pending and granted patents filed, supporting its current and future license-based business models.

“Wittra® has done something astonishing by solving positioning challenges in a way we have never seen before. This company is a truly innovative one.” - Andreas Wennermark, Patent Attorney for Wittra®.

The Core Technology


Relevant for



Method for the
positioning of device

The tag, base station and positioning methodology.

An energy-efficient method for the positioning of a tag set to sleep mode for the majority of the time. The patent covers the method for enabling a base station to calculate the positioning of a tag without the tag knowing its own position.

A solution designed to save energy within the tag, and to enable long battery life - a vital feature within the IoMT context.

Time of Arrival
without processing

The tag, the base station and the time calculations.

Core technology eliminating one key factor causing inaccuracy in Time of Arrival and Time
Difference of Arrival

Without a doubt, measuring the exact Time of Arrival with sub-GHz signals can be challenging. Therefore, this method allows for a more effective, accurate solution.

Single node location

Implementation of the technology in handheld devices. This is especially important in situations where trilateration is not the preferred method for positioning.

IP covering single node location, and describing the process for conducting positioning without multiple base stations, along with an enhanced method for positioning from a single base station.

Enabling positions to be calculated without trilateration.

Dual power mode positioning

Sub-GHz implementation in base station and tags.

 A method for implementing different positioning systems in an energy-efficient way. The networks used for positioning by Wittra®, such as ISM, have a sizable range, however there will come a point at which the distance will be too great to conduct accurate positioning. If the Wittra® tag leaves the positioning range of the base station without coming into contact with the range from another, the solution utilizing this data can be sent over greater distances than the Wittra® tag's positioning can account for.

Data can be used to 'ask' the Wittra® tag to, for example, enable GPS in order to manage positioning when out of range from a Wittra® base station.

Sub-GHz positioning

Accurate sub-GHz positioning.

A method for solving sub-GHz-related positioning problems. The sub-GHz positioning patent is a key patent for Wittra® technology, solving the issues of poor accuracy for positioning conducted with narrowband sub-GHz frequencies.

Sub-GHz positioning is a key feature of the Wittra® solution, with signals allowing for extended range, low energy consumption and effective obstacle penetration - the ideal IoMT solution. 

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