Part Number: WiTTRASENSE360-1.0-EU/ WiTTRASENSE360-1.0-US
Product Number: 1000158/ 1000348

The WiTTRA Sense 360 tag is a small, wireless multi-function asset tracker with multiple built-in and click-on sensing capabilities. It is fully certified and ruggedised, ready to deploy into tough industrial environments where other wireless IoT technologies struggle with range and/or connectivity. The advanced functionality of combining both location and sensor data enables customers to Connect, Sense and Locate assets anywhere... to create true Digital Twins covering a wide variety of assets, to help digitalise the business and drive efficiency and productivity gains on a large scale.

WiTTRA’s choice of building on open source software and global standards reduces the risk for customers, by promoting interoperability and reducing vendor lock-in.

The choice of using sub-GHz frequency bands provides much greater range and reliability in the wireless network, both outdoors (line of sight) and within buildings (penetrating through structures). The use of frequency hopping provides robustness against radio interference, as well as enabling large amounts of sensor data through the network.

The WiTTRA Sense 360 tag is sealed to an IP67 rating, ruggedised for industrial use and comes with several accessories, making it easy to attach to your assets regardless of shape or size. 

Deployment is as easy as mounting the tag, scanning its QR code, marking its location on a floor plan, checking the link quality via the WiTTRA portal and walking away. The WiTTRA Sense 360 is then securely registered and connected to the WiTTRA low-power IP-based wireless mesh network. It will send both sensor and 3D location data through the network regardless of its environment... indoors, outdoors, underground or in multi-level buildings. 

The WiTTRA Sense 360 is truly future-proof by design and employs a unique "Lego" concept with a variety of click-on sensors and sensor interfaces, enabling thousands of third-party industrial sensors to be seamlessly added to the system.

The WiTTRA Sense 360 tag can be used out of the box, or embedded into other manufacturers’ appliances.

Key built-in sensing features include:

  • Vibration
  • Movement
  • Orientation
  • Tilt
  • Fall
  • Shock/impact
  • Temperature
  • + Other click-on sensors