Part Number: GATEWAY-1.0-EU/ GATEWAY-1.0-US
Product Number: 1000186/ 1000347

The self-contained cloud gateway can be deployed on heavy industrial sites to monitor assets with a cloud-based API. The Gateway includes a state-of-the-art 6LoWPAN border router that bridges the low power IP-based mesh wireless network to the internet for seamless connectivity. The WiTTRA gateway can be connected to either cloud or on-premise computing resources (or both) via cabled ethernet or cellular backhaul - data is secured via Link Layer.

The WiTTRA Cloud Portal is the standard interface used for configuring and managing the WiTTRA Network and hardware devices. For visualising the sensor data, customers can choose from a range of options:

a) During low-cost Proof of Value trials, WiTTRA’s native cloud portal provides basic dashboard functions, b) for enhanced data visualisation, a variety of third-party cloud IoT platforms are available.

c) for customers who require complete data privacy, the sensor data can be streamed to an on-premise server where third-party applications can be installed for processing and visualising the data.

The WiTTRA gateway is powered by Raspberry Pi, to provide industrial grade reliability in a wide range of operating temperatures and environments, both indoors and protected outdoors. An optional waterproofing kit is available for the antenna if weatherproof operation is required. A separate hardware Watchdog and power monitoring circuit ensure reliable operation in unstable power situations, and the gateway will accept power from either an AC mains outlet or a low voltage battery-backed power supply for high-reliability applications.

Features of the WiTTRA Gateway
- Single Technology Deployment
- Self-Contained Cloud Gateway
- Fully Certified, Ready for Field Deployment
- Open Standards
- Data is secured via Link Layer.