A range of WiTTRA Click-On sensors and sensor interfaces are available (and under development), providing the capability to add an unlimited range of industrial grade sensors from either WiTTRA or off-the-shelf sensor vendors. The WiTTRA Click-On Sensor extends your network in minutes by utilising WiTTRA’s unique design whilst still maintaining an IP67 rating.

The WiTTRA Sense 360 re-writes the equations for customer Return on Investment. By adopting the concepts of ‘Software Defined Hardware’ and True Modularity, the product becomes future-proof by design. As part of True Modularity, additional IoT sensors can easily be added to the WiTTRA Sense 360 to accelerate deployment time, increase customer value and reduce hardware investment cost and inventory.

WiTTRA’s initial Climate Click-On contains four sensors - Light, Air Pressure, Temperature and Humidity. Soon to be released WiTTRA Click-On Sensors will provide access to third-party sensors via a 4-20mA interface and a digital (binary) interface, including binary event counting capability. More advanced sensors are also available. If one of our standard sensors does not meet your exacting needs, consider WiTTRA’s design services to meet your bespoke sensor requirements.