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  • Self Contained Cloud Gateway
  • Cabled Ethernet for Connectivity
  • Includes state of the art 6LoWPAN border router
  • Pre-certified, Ready for Field Deployment
  • Open standards / protocols
  • Data is secured via Link Layer
  • Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use



The self-contained cloud gateway with cabled ethernet or WiFi connectivity can be deployed on heavy industrial sites to monitor assets with a cloud-based API. The Gateway includes a state of the art 6LoWPAN border router that bridges the low power IP-based mesh wireless network to the internet for seamless connectivity.

Fast to deploy and easy to use, the gateway delivers sensor and location data to the cloud service based on open and secured standards and protocols. Data is secured via Link Layer.



265 x 200 x 63mm (ABS Housing)



Operating Temperature

-30°C to +50°C

Environmental Rating


Physical Interface

Power: 2-pin Sealed Barrel Connector

Sensor Tag Maximum Input Power

100mA @5V (Micro-B USB)

Input Voltage Range

10—16 Volts DC

Maximum Input Power

2A @12V

Average Current Consumption

700mA @5V

SenseIT Radio Transmit Frequency

863 - 870 MHz (EU) or 902 - 928 MHz (US)

SenseIT Network Radio Transmit Frequency

863 - 870 MHz (EU) or 902 - 928 MHz (US)

SenseIT Radio Transmit Power

20mW EIRP Max

SenseIT Data Transmission Rate

50kbps (as per IEEE 802.15.4g)

FOTA (Firmware over the air) update

2.4GHz and 868MHz (EU) or 915MHz (USA)

Cloud Physical Interface

Gigbit Ethernet

Regulatory Compliance

CE (EU) or FCC (USA)


Exact protocol: IEEE 802.15.4 link-layer security
Cryptography: AES-128 (with AES-CCM)

** Note: With WiTTRA External Battery Pack (P/N 1000248). 




Gateway EU

Sensor Tag 1.0

sensor tag EU

Mesh Router 1.0

Meshrouter tag EU