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Features Click-On Sensor:

  • A plug-in multi-sensor module for the WiTTRA Sense 360
  • Humidity
  • Ambient light
  • Air pressure
  • Air temperature
  • Two versions are available

WiTTRA Click-On Sensors


WiTTRA Click-On Sensor is a plug-in multi-sensor module for the WiTTRA Sense 360, providing additional environmental sensing functions for the IoT Network Kit... Ambient light, Air pressure, Air temperature and Humidity. Two versions are available, one allowing external USB power feed-through, one which draws power only from the tag internal battery.


Size (short body version, only internal power)

Size (long body version, feed through power)

42.0 x 15.5 x 15.0 mm

42.0 x 15.5 x 28.0 mm

Weight (small module)

Weight (large module)

9 g

16 g

Ambient operating temperature

-40 to +85 Degrees C

Environmental rating

IP67 (water submersible to 1 metre)

External Sensor maximum input power

10mA @1.9V (I2C link)

External Sensor average current consumption

80uA (posting data every 5 minutes)

Regulatory compliance


Sensors included (see individual specifications below)

Ambient light, Air pressure, Humidity, Air temperature

Optical (light) sensing range (OPT3001)

0.01 Lux to 83,000 Lux ±5% for sunlight.

Accuracy indoors depends on sensor orientation towards light source

Air pressure range (LPS22HH)

260 to 1260 hPa ±0.5 hPa

Humidity sensor range (SHTC3)

0 to 100% RH (non condensing) ±2%

Air temperature range (SHTC3)

-40 to +85 Degrees C ±0.2 Degrees


Click-on Senspr
Click-On Sensor


Gateway EU

WiTTRA Sense 360

sensor tag EU

Mesh Router 1.0

Meshrouter tag EU